Our time is characterized by change. Digitization is part of every aspect of our lives. Every year the newest and best mobile phones get released, intelligent systems get created and we can even use VR glasses to enter completely new worlds.

This progress will be seen in the real estate area within 10 years as well. In the following article we will show you which real estate trends will be part of our lives in the upcoming years. This is mostly based on speculation but it is already apparent today only real estate experts already starting to become acquainted with these new technologies will be successful in the long run.

1. Trend: Artificial intelligence and robots

More and more tasks will be taken over by artificial intelligence in the future as they solve mathematical as well as logical problems far better than any human. Therefore, it will be used not only in robots but also software. Thanks to its ability to learn artificial intelligence can transform a software for structural engineering into a design-software with integrated statics for designing a property. Advanced robots would be interesting to take a look at in this development as they present a new technology when used in combination with artificial intelligence and networked processing power. In addition, the sensors of such robots will be improved resulting in manual construction labor being completed faster as well as more precise and safer.

2. Trend: Printable homes

The most promising trend seems to be printable homes. Whole properties are literally printed using a 3D-printer resulting in houses being built in days with way lower costs for material and production. Already today such houses exist in Dubai and Shanghai. Although these do not provide the same quality conventional properties do by far this development is going to be very exciting and will have a growing impact on today’s real estate market – even though it is going to take some more time for printable homes to adhere to the numerous norms and construction regulations.

3. Trend: Virtual Reality Method

With this method it becomes possible for prospective buyers to take a look at future design and ambience using 3D glasses. This is going to be especially useful for new constructions as well as for those people unable to take a physical tour. Wearing the 3D glasses the virtual environment will be more realistic than ever – moving about freely and getting and impression of the property without needing to physically visit.

4. Trend: New building material = better durability

Even the ever more advanced biotechnology will be playing an important part in the future of the real estate market. Possibilities include self-repairing walls using cell division and cybernetic walls, adjusting to the building usage. Sadly, it is still not possible to predict when technologies like these will be available.